Cortalix will join the existing consortium on a EUROSTARS grant of EUR 1.7 million for colorectal cancer molecular PET-imaging.

EUROSTARS is a joint program of EUREKA and the European Commission, co-funded by the national budgets of 36 EUROSTARS Participating and Partner Countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020. The Cortalix grant is for the last year of the project and will contribute to the establishment of an IMPD for the clinical development of a selected single domain PDGF-beta receptor-binding antibody provided with a diagnostic or therapeutic radionuclide to accumulate in fibrotic stromal tissue at metastases of advanced colorectal cancer.

Herman Steen, CEO of Cortalix: “We are delighted and grateful that both EUREKA and RVO in the Netherlands are convinced of the added value of Cortalix to the existing consortium of EU partners PET Center Akademiska Sjukhuset in Uppsala, Immunitrack ApS in Copenhagen and Xenopat SL in Barcelona. She thereby acknowledges and supports our PDGF-beta receptor-binding single-domain antibody targeting program of the EUROSTARS project. This strong and synergistic consortium will enable Cortalix to advance clinical development of our novel targeted imaging diagnostics and therapies against fibrotic stroma of solid cancers.”

About Cortalix

Cortalix is a Dutch biopharmaceutical drug discovery and services company involved in developing targeted radiopharmaceuticals for myofibroblasts-associated diseases, such as hepatic fibrosis, renal fibrosis, cardiac fibrosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and fibrosis-associated cancers such as colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.
Cortalix’s platform and drug development engine is based on proprietary fibrogenesis-receptor-binding (camelid-derived) single domain antibodies. In addition to targeting to PDGFRB, the company is using its single domain antibody discovery engine, to extend development towards novel tracers for other myofibroblasts membrane receptors such as for PDGFRA, EGFR, IGF-1/2R and FAP. Similar to PDGFRB, these receptors are over-expressed on key pathogenic cells, although differently per fibrosis type. For more information about Cortalix:


For Cortalix:
Herman Steen, PhD
CEO Cortalix BV