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Cortalix is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company capable of developing ImmunoPET, targeted ImmunoRT and Immunotherapeutics for novel targets, based on its proprietary single domain antibody (sdAb, VHH or nanobody) discovery platform, which includes multiple synthetic sdAb libraries.

Cortalix operates on the basis of a business model consisting of three pillars:

1: Internal programs

Cortalix has a growing number of Internal Programs of selected sdAb clinical candidates targeting PDGFRA, PDGFRB, FAP, IGF2R, and EGFR for ImmunoPET, ImmunoRT and Immunotherapy in fibrosis and fibrotic cancers. These programs are available for licensing.

2: Partner programs

Cortalix works with pharmaceutical companies and academic research groups in partner programs to screen and select suitable sdAb candidates for novel targets using the synthetic sdAb discovery platform. We can develop these sdAbs in close collaboration into fully-fledged radiopharmaceuticals and immunotherapeutic applications. We can connect our selected, characterized and functionalized sdAbs seamlessly to parties in the downstream process, such as a research cell bank in Pichia pastoris to CDMOs involved in GMP production.

3: Services

We also offer stand-alone sdAb selection and development projects on a fee-for-service basis for CROs, pharma companies and research groups for very different applications, including targeted therapy, immunotherapy, but also for research tools and bioanalytical applications such as immunohistochemistry, fluorescence imaging, tailored affinity columns, and ELISA development and validation.

Latest open positions

Scientist Single Domain Antibody Engineering

Job description: Scientist Single Domain Antibody EngineeringType: 60% - 100%Location: Innolab Agrifood, Zernike University Campus Groningen, The NetherlandsDate: ImmediateAbout the role At Cortalix, the Single Domain Antibody Engineering scientist is actively...

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Junior Business Developer

Job description: Junior Business Developer.Type: 80% – 100%.Location: Innolab Agrifood, Groningen, The Netherlands.Date: Immediate.About the role At Cortalix, the Junior Business Developer is actively involved in developing the strategic business development plan and...

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