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STEP 6: Specific Nanobody Applications

In this final step we can develop desired applications for one or more of the selected nanobodies. A frequently developed application is the ELISA assay. Their small size allows for the selection of nanobodies that recognize smaller domains of the desired target can be selected and development of more accurate ELISAs. One of the possible ELISAs is the sandwich ELISA, for which we can select both the primary and secondary antibodies and ultimately the tertiary antibody with the detection label attached, such as an HRP.
Alternatively, nanobodies can be immobilized for affinity chromatography applications. For example, we can link nanobodies to sepharose beads that are used to load small columns. This is ideal for purification of your own in-house expressed recombinant proteins without the need of generic purification tag. But there is certainly more possible.

What can you expect from step 6

  • To design and subsequently develop ELISAs, we need an amount of recombinant and purified target protein.
  • We will then map out all aspects of the design of the ELISA, such as the type of ELISA (sandwich, direct, indirect, competition), types of ELISA plates and blocking buffers
  • Testing the composition of the buffers to be used and their effect on binding to the target protein.
  • Determining the linear phase of target binding, and the optimal dilutions and final concentration of the target and/or nanobody.
  • To design specific and unique affinity columns, we will perform couplings of the selected nanobodies with activated sepharose beads that are then stacked in columns.
  • Deliverables:
    • Validated prototypes of the requested applications.
    • A comprehensive study report.