Job description: Internship Life Sciences for 2nd half of 2024, starting August 2024.
Type: 80% – 100%, dependent on requirements master or bachelor program.
Location: Innolab Agrifood, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Date: Immediate.

About the role

At Cortalix we can support a maximum of 2 internships at the same time. The intern at Cortalix will work for a minimum of 3 months, preferably 5-6 months, in our laboratory in Groningen, the Netherlands, on an ongoing project and will be supported by one of our scientists and/or technicians.
We are developing novel single domain antibodies and small peptides against targets on e.g. cells that cause fibrosis or are involved in fibrotic cancers. You will have the opportunity to work on scientific challenges using various laboratory techniques, including recombinant DNA techniques, protein expression in cultured bacteria and yeast cells, phage display panning and selection, analysis by ELISA, mammalian cell culture, binding and uptake experiments.

What we expect

You attend a relevant master or bachelor program (university or university of applied sciences) to become a scientist or technician in one of the life sciences disciplines, such as biotechnology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology or equivalent.
It is important to us that you already have demonstrable practical experience with several of the following techniques: recombinant DNA techniques, protein expression in bacteria and/or yeast cells, protein purification and phage display technology. You are a result-oriented team player, with an accurate, pro-active and hands-on attitude. You can work independently in a small organization.

What we offer

You will be part of a small team in a startup company and will have the opportunity to work on scientific challenges using state of the art laboratory techniques. Depending on your contribution to a project, your internship will be sufficient for the requirements of your master’s or bachelor’s degree. We offer an expense allowance of up to €300 per month at a fulltime intern position.

To apply

Please send a cover letter, your resume and supporting documents, referring to the position you are applying for, to