A Nanobody* Library Platform
for Novel Radiopharmaceuticals

ImmunoPET and ImmunoRT for Fibrosis and Fibrotic Cancers

* “Nanobody” is a registered trademark of Ablynx NV, Sanofi


Cortalix is a clinical-stage radiopharmaceuticals company developing imaging diagnostics and targeted radiotherapeutics based on its proprietary single-domain antibody (nanobodies) platforms. Our company has a growing pipeline of selected nanobodies that we develop ourselves into the clinic or make available for licensing. We also screen and select suitable nanobody candidates for specific target proteins of our customers and, if desired, develop them into fully-fledged radiopharmaceuticals. But we can also use our libraries to carry out nanobody selections that can be used for bioanalytical applications, among other things.

Our internal pipeline

At Cortalix we are developing an internal and growing pipeline of radiopharmaceuticals. This largely consists of radiopharmaceuticals for fibrogenesis-related membrane receptors and proteins that occur in early-stage fibrotic diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis, cardiac fibrosis, liver fibrosis but also in various solid cancers with fibrotic stroma, including colon fibrosis. and pancreatic cancer.
Our current internal pipeline includes radiopharmaceuticals for the molecular targets PDGFRA (CD140a), PDGFRB (CD140b), EGFR, IGF-2R (CD222) and FAP. All our nanobodies contain a functional group that can chelate a radionuclide suitable for nuclear imaging or radiotherapy.
This platform allows for a theranostic approach in cancer using the same single domain antibody for patient identification, targeted therapy and disease monitoring (a combined diagnostic and therapeutic in 1 molecule).
Our frontrunner CTX001 is a PDGFRB binding nanobody with excellent properties and is primarily being developed as a 68Gallium-labeled PET imaging diagnostic for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Our external collaboration projects

Cortalix is also working with our customers on customized nanobody candidates for any target of interest. We can use our libraries to screen and select a range of candidates with attractive target binding and tissue distribution characteristics and good expression in host cells. We can then provide the selected candidates with a desired chelator that matches a radionuclide of choice for ImmunoPET or ImmunoRT.
However, it doesn’t end there for us. We can also develop selected candidates into therapeutic (neutralizing) antibodies and, in addition, we can select and use selected nanobodies for making very specific bioanalytical assays, such as ELISAs, or protein purification procedures.
Finally, we can provide a working cell bank that can, for example, be converted into a GMP-quality production platform for early clinical trials.


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